Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Another one!

Huh! Another designer I admired but didn't know the name of! Christopher David Ryan (see below) did this poster, which I always thought was pretty cool, and clever. This is why I'm doing this blog, to help me keep things organised and referenced!

Beautiful images

I wish I could create such things on a daily basis. These are by Christopher David Ryan, found via Oh Joy! Such an incredible range of styles, awe inspiring.

This one's good for textiles - for me anyway...

Debut Art findings

Jim Smith

These made me smile, which I needed today! Jim Smith seems like a fun guy.

Carol Del Angel

Craig Ward

Found via Debut Art

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Afternoon film

What a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon I had this weekend. Having braved the bitter wind outside in the morning I decided I was better off curling up with a girly film I'd been meaning to watch for a while: The Edge of Love. I knew it was meant to have great costumes but it really blew me away. And the sets were fantastic too. Made me want to go out and get me some of those 40's chunky granny cardigans that are so in vogue right now, mainly down to this film methinks, and Keira and Sienna. Oh how I love the mismatching!

Costume design by April Ferry

Set Decoration Tina Jones

Thursday, 20 November 2008


By Turnstyle

By Korn Design

By Agent8

Rob Ryan

I am in love yet again with Rob Ryan's paper work. Funnily enough I was already in love with his work, I just didn't know who he was. I'm very bad at that. I should look these people up. In my previous post on my favourite books I featured "The Book of Lost Things" by John Connolly, whose cover Rob Ryan designed, and through reading this month's issue of Computer Arts I saw some more of his work. To his website I went! Oh, how I'd love to create such visions! I'm gonna go buy all his work now!